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Jobs & the Economy

As we suffer through the worst job market in three decades, all politicians will tell you that they are in favor of creating jobs for Virginians. But Jeff McWaters has done just that … Read More »

Second Amendment

Jeff McWaters is a life-long sportsman and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He is pleased that the U.S. Supreme Court recently affirmed what most Americans … Read More »

Health Care

Health Care reform is the signature issue of Jeff McWater’s State Senate campaign. He has spent his professional career facilitating cost-effective changes that provide more people better coverage using fewer government dollars. The company started by Jeff at his kitchen table now serves 1 out of every 45 Medicaid recipients nationwide (1.7 million members), handles 9.9 million physician visits by members each year and works with more than 126,500 physicians and other health care providers. You learn a few things when you help governments control Medicaid costs and extend coverage in 14 different states. Jeff is excited about bringing that expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to Richmond. … Read More »

Right to Life

Jeff McWaters believes in the words of the Declaration of Independence—that the right to life is "unalienable"—and that it ought to be legally protected from inception to grave… Read More »


The three biggest challenges facing our Commonwealth right now are the challenges of job creation, transportation and health care reform. Jeff McWaters understands that we can’t solve any of these challenges if we don’t solve all of them. And there are no easy solutions… Read More »


As a State Senator, Jeff will work hard to ensure that Virginia’s education system is second-to-none. In fact, with a mom, wife and daughter who have all served as teachers, it’s fair to say that the importance of this issue is in his blood. … Read More »

Taxes & Spending

Jeff believes that small government and low taxes leave room for a robust private sector. He trusts the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans and private enterprise solutions over government bureaucracies.  If you send Jeff to Richmond, he will work to shrink government and grow the economy… Read More »

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