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Statement on Contaminated Drywall Safety Act

Richmond, VA -- Senator Jeffrey L. McWaters (R-Virginia Beach) released the following statement regarding the introduction of the Contaminated Drywall Safety Act. 

"I am happy to see my friend Scott Rigell and his Colleagues on Capitol Hill taking the initiative to address contaminated Chinese drywall. Dangerous Chinese products have been a growing public safety issue and this specific one is a threat to the health of Americans and the integrity of our homes. I fully support the Contaminated Drywall Safety Act. The creation of a standard test for identifying bad drywall and procedures for its elimination is a very necessary step, and it is my sincere hope that the manufacturers of this contaminated product are held accountable for its distribution. I join them in their insistence that the government of China force manufacturers to submit to the jurisdiction of our courts. We have tried to address this at the state level in the past, but the truth is that federal level legislation like the Contaminated Drywall Safety Act is the only truly effective way to right this wrong. If you have any questions about this legislation and how it may affect your situation I would encourage you to call Representative Rigell's Legislative Assistant, Nathanael Ferguson at 202-225-4215."

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